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GR202 series polyester yarn dyeing machine is a vertical cylindrical full-floodeded high temperature high pressure yarn dyeing machine. It is based on our experiences in the production of the 201 series and MF series dyeing machines over the years, combined with new yarn dyeing processes, new technologies and new requirements of various customers in recent years.
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1. Brief introduction to GR202 series polyester yarn dyeing machine

High temperature high pressure HTHP vertical polyester yarn dyeing machine is suitable for dyeing/processing cotton, polyester, acrylic, nylon, sheep, whool, T/C, acrylic/cotton blends, polyester, wool blends, hemp and cotton blends or any kind of blended yarn. It is possible to supply single kier dyeing, and the loading scope is 1kg-1296kg (calculated on package weight 1kg/piece).

2. Configurations of GR202 series polyester yarn dyeing machine

1) Suitable for different kinds of Hank yarn, such as wool, acrylic, viscose, silk, cotton and blended.

2) One yarn filling can finish refining, puffing, bleaching, dyeing, add soft dyeing process, etc.

3) With high corrosion resistance of stainless steel, strong and durable.

4) Have direct and indirect heating device to the requirements of the dyeing process.

5) Circulating pump(balanced mixed-flow pump or centrifugal pump), the impeller design is good, have 4 degree speed, to adapt to dye different kinds of Hank yarn.

6) Timing automatic steering, impeller, make dye solution continuously flow of positive and negative circulation to ensure the temperature uniformity.

7) Cylinder, with uniform flow, eliminate vortex, ensure fast, high quality of dyeing effect.

8) Addition tank with heating, feeding, circulation and cleaning device, convenient to adjust dye solution.

9) Convenient and safe sampling device.

10) Equipped with various type material carriers, i.e.packages,hanks,loose fiber,beams,etc.


3. Technical specifications of GR202 series polyester yarn dyeing machine

1) Low liquor ratio 1:5~6

2)Design Temperature 160°C

3)Max working temperature:140°C

4)Max working pressure:0.45 Mpa

5)Savings in power and steam consumption by 20%

6)Heating time: approx 30 min for temp rise 20°C -130°C (at steam pressure of 0.70 Mpa)

7)Cooling time: approx 20 min for 130°C-80°C (at cooling water pressure of 0.3Mpa)

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4. Advantages of GR202 series polyester yarn dyeing machine

The polyester yarn dyeing machine is designed to be low energy-losing, low lift, and large quantity flowing with mixed-flow pump. The spiral flow-guiding blade direct the waterflow to get a best permeability, to get the lowest energy-consuming and highest efficiency. To reach the effect of colour fastness and evenness, no colour variety and fluffing.

New-model weir floating adjutage, dyeing pipe and yarn-carrying pipe can work together to avoid the twisting and knotting of yarn, thus it can be wound on bobbin easily with few yanr-losing.

The water adjutage with special design can adjust water flowing speed according to the equantity of dyeing yarns, the number of single yarn and its sorts. It has low bathing-ratio, which makes it save material and reduce the cost be way of imporving its structure.

Safe and stable

The dyeing machines are strictly tested and have no leakage.

The fabrics could run smoothly and have good stability.


Large capacity and compact structure (saving land)

Efficient operation and reasonable process design (saving time)

Easy to operate, user-friendly design (saving effort)

Energy saving and eco friendly

Low liquor ratio, low waste water discharge

Low consumption of water, steam and power

Best before and after sale service

Before sale: provide free professional consultation

After sale: whole machine warranty for one year, lifetime maintenance; consumables warranty for six months


5. FAQ

Q1: What is your minimum order quantity, can you send me samples?

A: Our minimum quantity is 3 sets, as our products are machinery equipments, it’s difficult to send you samples. However, we can send you catalogs, and warmly welcome you to visit our company.

Q2: What is the payment terms?

A: 30% of order value by T/T in advance, 60% of order value by T/T before shipment, 10% of order value by T/T in 6 months.

Q3: What is the delivery time of your dyeing machines?

A: In general, the delivery time of our dyeing machines is about 30 days after payment, customized machine will be delivered as the negotiation with our clients.

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