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Dyeing Machine for Zipper

Dyeing machine for zipper is a vertical cylindrical full-floodeded high temperature high pressure yarn dyeing machine. It is based on our experiences in the production of the 201 series and MF series dyeing machines over the years, combined with new yarn dyeing processes, new technologies and new requirements of various customers in recent years.
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Dyeing machine for zipper

1. Brief introduction to dyeing machine for zipper

High temperature high pressure HTHP Vertical Zipper Dyeing Machine is suitable for dyeing/processing cotton, polyester, acrylic, nylon, sheep, whool, T/C, acrylic/cotton blends, polyester, wool blends, hemp and cotton blends or any kind of blended yarn. It is possible to supply single kier dyeing, and the loading scope is 1kg-1296kg (calculated on package weight 1kg/piece).


2. Configurations of dyeing machine for zipper

1)Integrated PHC reversal, heat-exchanger, symmetrical main pump (balanced mixed-flow pump or centrifugal pump) in one modular Device compact in structure to shorten liquor ratio.

2)With external pneumatic carrier locking device.

3)Equipped with frequency inverter to control the main pump motor depending on the density.load and yarn count/material to be processed to achieve uniform dyeing effects.

4)Supplied with a jacketed device (patented) to realize the functions of MPS washing and DP vacuum hydro-extraction systems for higher washing efficiency and savings in energy and water.

5)With an efficient and flexible chemical dosing system complete with a transfer pump and feed pump for advanced chemical preparation to reduce the dyeing cycle.

6)Suitable for high-density yarn and warp beam dyeing

7)Compact structure for 20% space savings.

8)Low water consumption of 30 to 40 liters per kg. material for medium to dark shades

9)Supplied in fully-flooded system, air-pad system, or combination of both.

10)Equipped with various type material carriers, i.e.packages, hanks, loose fiber, beams, etc.



3. Technical specifications of dyeing machine for zipper

1) Low liquor ratio 1:5~6

2)Design Temperature 160°C

3)Max working temperature:140°C

4)Max working pressure:0.45 Mpa

5)Savings in power and steam consumption by 20%

6)Heating time: approx 30 min for temp rise 20°C -130°C (at steam pressure of 0.70 Mpa)

7)Cooling time: approx 20 min for 130°C-80°C (at cooling water pressure of 0.3Mpa)


4. Advantages of dyeing machine for zipper

The dyeing machine for zipper is designed to be low energy-losing, low lift, and large quantity flowing with mixed-flow pump. The spiral flow-guiding blade direct the waterflow to get a best permeability, to get the lowest energy-consuming and highest efficiency. To reach the effect of colour fastness and evenness, no colour variety and fluffing.

New-model weir floating adjutage, dyeing pipe and yarn-carrying pipe can work together to avoid the twisting and knotting of yarn, thus it can be wound on bobbin easily with few yanr-losing.

The water adjutage with special design can adjust water flowing speed according to the equantity of dyeing yarns, the number of single yarn and its sorts. It has low bathing-ratio, which makes it save material and reduce the cost be way of imporving its structure.

Safe and stable

The dyeing machines are strictly tested and have no leakage.

The fabrics could run smoothly and have good stability.


Large capacity and compact structure (saving land)

Efficient operation and reasonable process design (saving time)

Easy to operate, user-friendly design (saving effort)

Energy saving and eco friendly

Low liquor ratio, low waste water discharge

Low consumption of water, steam and power

Best before and after sale service

Before sale: provide free professional consultation

After sale: whole machine warranty for one year, lifetime maintenance; consumables warranty for six months

5. FAQ

Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are a manufacturer with our own factory.

Q2: What is the payment terms?

A: 30% of order value by T/T in advance, 60% of order value by T/T before shipment, 10% of order value by T/T in 6 months.

Q3: What about the after-sale services?

A: Without man-made faults, the warranty is 12 months after commissioning, spare parts can be replaced within 6 months since the delivery of the dyeing machines. Engineers are available to  provide overseas mechanical services, commissioning and technical support.

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