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GR202 series bobbin dyeing machine is a vertical cylindrical full-floodeded high temperature high pressure yarn dyeing machine. It is based on our experiences in the production of the 201 series and MF series dyeing machines over the years, combined with new yarn dyeing processes, new technologies and new requirements of various customers in recent years.
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1. Brief introduction to GR202 series bobbin dyeing machine

High temperature high pressure HTHP Vertical Bobbin Yarn Dyeing Machine is suitable for dyeing/processing cotton, polyester, acrylic, nylon, sheep, whool, T/C, acrylic/cotton blends, polyester, wool blends, hemp and cotton blends or any kind of blended yarn. It is possible to supply single kier dyeing, and the loading scope is 1kg-1296kg (calculated on package weight 1kg/piece).


2.Configurations of GR202 series bobbin yarn dyeing machine

1) Inner body of machine adopt corrosion-resistant stainless steel;

2) High-efficiency stainless steel balanced mixed-flow pump or centrifugal pump to provide optimal dye cycle;

3) Lifting roller driven by frequency inverter  controlled motor;

4) Service tank equip with the feeding pump, valve, dye cycle system;

5) Level monitor equip with magnetic sensor;

6) High efficiency heat exchanger;

7) Fill water, drain water, heating up, cooling of the main tank all automatically;

8) Pneumatic valve for fill and drain function;

9) PLC control ;

10) Fill dyestuff, stirring, heating, fill water, drain all can be carried out automatically

11) Equipped with various type material carriers, i.e.packages,hanks,loose fiber,beams,etc.



3.Technical specifications of GR202 series bobbin yarn dyeing machine

1) Low liquor ratio 1:5~6

2)Design Temperature 160°C

3)Max working temperature:140°C

4)Max working pressure:0.45 Mpa

5)Savings in power and steam consumption by 20%

6)Heating time: approx 30 min for temp rise 20°C -130°C (at steam pressure of 0.70 Mpa)

7)Cooling time: approx 20 min for 130°C-80°C (at cooling water pressure of 0.3Mpa)


4.Advantages of GR202 series bobbin dyeing machine

Compared with the traditional yarn dyeing machines, the outstanding advantages are:

1)GR202 adopts the most advanced mixed-flow pump(with high efficiency and high cavitation resistance performance of newest design currently in China. The forward and reverse circulation for dyeing is automatically executed by the directional valve in the pump. The impeller in the pump can provide large flow and sufficient head coefficient for the yarn dyeing process. Due to its strong penetrability, it is suitable for very difficult texture and various kinds of textures. The dyed texture is with high color fastness and uniform dyeing effects.

2)Full-flooded structure: GR202 is equipped with the feeding system (mixer and feeding barrel), pressurizing system (auxiliary pump), and circulation system (cooler). Thus the dyeing procedure could be completed to meet the process requirements under both normal temperature high pressure and high temperature high pressure conditions. GR202 has wide applicability and good dyeing quality.

3)High automation degree with good process repeatability and convenient operation. Since the machine is equipped with computer control system, the dyeing operation can be automated, which reduces the effects of human factors in manual operation. The dyeing procedure can be executed completely according to the process requirements. Each function and order can be controlled by the program of the electric system, thus the process is with repeatability and the differences between different cylinders are reduced.

4)Reasonable operating environment and high safety. GR202 adopts self-sealing cylinder seal, pneumatic cylinder locking interlocking safety device, and pneumatic cylinder opening & closing device. It is with convenient operation and is safety reliable. Each nozzle adopts a pneumatic-manual valve and the coil heating system inside the cylinder is automatically controlled. Hence, the labor strength is low and the operation environment is comfortable.



Q1: What is your minimum order quantity, can you send me samples?

A: Our minimum quantity is 3 sets, as our products are machinery equipments, it’s difficult to send you samples. However, we can send you catalogs, and warmly welcome you to visit our company.

Q2: What is your quality?

A: Quality is the most important factor in the growth of our business. Owing to the dependability of our quality control award, we aim to focus on sustaining quality in all our machines. When specific requirements occur, we have the skilled, trained workers and proficient engineers to give customized solution. The products obtained CE certification in 2015.

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