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What Factors Will Affect The Work Of The Airflow Dyeing Machine
Jul 27, 2018

1. When dyeing, if the fixing and dyeing are out of synch, then it is necessary to carry out secondary dyeing, which will seriously destroy the uniformity of dyeing, and the situation often occurs. Therefore, we are choosing When dyes are used, it is necessary to select dyes with good compatibility to avoid the above problems.

2. The temperature of the whole dyeing bath must be moderate. It is not good to be too high or too low. Moreover, the speed of heating should not be too fast, otherwise the color flower will appear.

3. The dye must be sufficient to dissolve. If conditions permit, it is good to carry out artificial stirring to avoid the occurrence of color defects during the dyeing process.

4. Prevention of any friction during the dyeing process, the appropriate amount of lubricant can be used properly, or the speed of the fabric can be reduced, avoiding scratches on the fabric.

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