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Talking About How To Use The Winding Machine Safely
Jul 27, 2018

First of all, it should be avoided that the fingers are wrapped by the enameled wire during the operation. We all know that the processing of a coil not only has the winding work, but also needs to cooperate with certain other processes such as adding interlayer insulation, wire-end wrapping, etc., in the operation of large coils. It is prone to accidents in which the fingers are entangled. In the winding operation, the clothing regulations should be strictly observed. The cuffs should be tightly fastened without wearing gloves. The fingers can be started when the fingers are away from the automatic winding machine, so as to prevent the occurrence of sub-class accidents.

Secondly, the automatic winding machine avoids the throwing of items when it is running. The speed of the winding machine is very high during operation. If the item is thrown, it will cause serious safety accidents. As the operator must use the equipment safely. The device can not be installed with the shaft components without authorization. Before each shift, the shaft parts should be strictly checked for effective fastening to prevent the failure.

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