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Dyeing Machine Technology Application
Jul 27, 2018

The high temperature and high pressure airflow dyeing machine is a new generation of efficient, energy saving and environmentally friendly dyeing machine. After eight years of research and technical tracking, R&D personnel have developed almost simultaneously with the international advanced airflow dyeing technology of the same generation, and have obtained a large number of experimental data of dyeing process, which laid a solid foundation for the successful development of this technology. It has been used in a number of printing and dyeing factories in Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places for trial production. Compared with ordinary overflow or jet dyeing machines, not only the “one-time success rate” of product dyeing is high, but also saves 50% of water and saves steam by 50%. The dye is 10% to 15%, the auxiliary agent is 60%, and the sewage is reduced by 50%. In addition, airflow dyeing has a small tension on high-elastic knitted fabrics [including spandex], and the processed fabric feels better than ordinary overflow or jet dyeing. It has been verified by practice that in the process of airflow dyeing, there is a mutual entanglement condition between fabrics, which is suitable for the completion of the "primary and secondary fibrillation" process of Lyocell fiber fabric, enzyme biochemical treatment, alkali of island-type microfiber. Dissolve new processes such as fiber removal.

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