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Dyeing Machine Range
Jul 27, 2018

Made of all stainless steel, the mechanical speed control has the advantages of no noise, convenient speed regulation, etc. It is suitable for seamless underwear, silk stockings, silk, etc. of hemp, cotton, rayon and blended, and the dyed leaves are stirred in the positive and negative directions to make the dyed material into In the state of floating dyeing, the dyeing is uniform, the penetration is strong, and it is not easy to damage the dye.

The dyeing machine is used for dyeing, bleaching, scouring and washing of garments such as sweaters, acrylics and cotton sweaters. It can also be used for dyeing and dyeing of finished products such as gloves, socks and towels. It is a wide-ranging product. The ideal bleaching and dyeing equipment, the machine automatically sets the positive and negative cycle agitation fabric, and the small garment dyeing machine can dye three color samples at a time.

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