Yarn dyeing machine operation safe operation
Dec 30, 2018

After the inspection is completed, when the yarn dyeing machine is running, the dyeing liquid must exceed the lowest point inside the storage box. Steam heating is not allowed before the vehicle is driven. The steam must be turned off before stopping. During the dyeing process, if the liquid flow is found to be abnormal according to the water level at the hole, it means that the grey cloth is not working properly, the temperature must be lowered, and the cloth is adjusted and then driven. If it is found that the grey cloth floats out of the storage box, this means that the cloth capacity is too large, the grey cloth must be reduced, and then the driving is started.


Remember, after dyeing the yarn dyeing machine, it is necessary to ensure that there is no pressure on the pressure gauge. When the thermometer shows that the temperature is below 80 degrees, the machine stops running. When the steam source is cut off, the top pressure reducing valve can be opened before it can be opened. When the machine is running, the driver is not allowed to leave the job. Check the pressure inside the machine at no more than 0.25Mpa. If it is found, the pressure relief valve must be opened to return the pressure to the normal range. If it is found that the pressure rises, the dyeing and cooling must be stopped, and the dyeing can be accelerated after the cause is found.


In addition, the safety requirements of the pressure vessel operation in the use of the yarn dyeing machine must be strictly observed. When the pressure component and its welds and sealing fasteners are leaking, the pressure in the pot should be removed and the temperature should be lowered first, and then checked. Do not force it to open under

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