Working principle and electromechanical control requirements of overflow dyeing machine
Jan 16, 2019

The overflow dyeing machine uses the overflow principle, that is to say, the main pump motor drives the circulating pump to drive the dyeing liquid at the bottom of the sump, so that it passes through the heat exchanger and is sprayed into the dyeing tank through the nozzle. Inside the flow device, it then flows from top to bottom along the overflow pipe into the sump.


With the operation of the overflow dyeing machine, the fabric will be simultaneously subjected to the action of the dyeing liquid flowing from the flowing liquid and the dyeing liquid sprayed from the nozzle in the machine, thereby entering the storage tank along the overflow pipe, immersing The fabric in the storage tank moves from the bottom to the top under the action of the cloth roll to the overflow nozzle with the rotation of the cloth roll, and thus runs in circulation to achieve the purpose of dyeing.


Main technical indicators of the electromechanical control system of overflow dyeing machine:

Temperature measurement temperature: normal temperature ~ 145 ° C;

Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.1 ° C;

Nozzle pressure: 0 ~ 0.08MPa;

Bath ratio: 1:31:9; 5

Picking speed: 0 ~ 350m / min;

It has power-off protection function and has sound and light warning alarm according to the dyeing process

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