What are the technical characteristics of the high temperature dyeing machine?
Sep 08, 2018

The high-temperature dyeing machine adopts its aerodynamic principle when it is operated. It needs to inject a high-speed airflow into its nozzle, and at the same time atomizes the dyeing liquid injected into the nozzle of another pipeline, which not only drives the fabric to run, but also makes the dye liquor and the fabric very short. Contact within the time to reach the purpose of leveling. The high-temperature dyeing machine is very different from the traditional dyeing machine. Water is only used as a carrier for dyes, and the fabric is driven by high-speed airflow. Therefore, its bath ratio can be very small, fully reflecting the rapid rise and fall temperature, low energy consumption, and sewage discharge. Less features. In addition, the fabric can be stably moved open after entering the nozzle, so that no creases are caused.

What are the technical characteristics of the high temperature dyeing machine?

1. Low bath ratio design, saving dyes, additives and energy, reducing the amount of sewage and improving economic benefits.

2. The self-designed new mixed-flow pump has high efficiency, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

3. Flow control system: It can adjust the flow according to the needs of various types of yarns. For example, the variable frequency drive main pump is equipped with an automatic sensor to adjust the flow and water pressure at any time, so that the dyeing effect is perfect.

4. Excellent fully automatic control system: The control box adopts fully automatic or semi-automatic type. The computer controller designed for dyeing machine can display temperature curve, step and output at the same time, temperature control curve feeding, speed control, etc.; fully automatic Control the requirements of dyeing process such as water inlet, drainage, temperature rise, constant temperature, temperature drop and cleaning. It can be connected to the central centralized control system for easy operation.

5. Fast cleaning system, effectively saving cleaning time and water consumption.

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