What are the bad phenomena in airflow dyeing opportunities?
Jul 27, 2018

1. In the process of dyeing, if the fixing and dyeing are not synchronized, then secondary dyeing is required, and the uniformity of the color is severely damaged, and the step difference is more likely to occur. Therefore, dyes with better compatibility should be selected to avoid such situations.

2. The temperature of the dye bath should be moderate, the temperature will be too high and too low, and the temperature will not rise too fast, so as to avoid the phenomenon of color flower.

3. For the dye to be sufficient to dissolve, if the conditions are running and necessary, Xiaobian suggested that it can be artificially stirred to avoid the occurrence of color defects during dyeing.

4. It is also necessary to prevent friction during the dyeing process. It is good to use a small amount of suitable lubricant, or to directly reduce the speed of the fabric at the running speed to avoid any scratches on the fabric.

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