The significance of constant power control of fan motor in high temperature dyeing machine
Jan 29, 2019

The high-temperature dyeing machine is not only energy-efficient, but also achieves a high “one-time success rate”, and the process is easy to operate, reducing the dependence on personnel skills. For high temperature dyeing machine equipment, the control of the constant power of the fan is very important. The working load of the fan increases with the increase of temperature, that is, the working current of the fan motor increases and the power increases.


In such a case, the viscosity of the air is increased, and at the same time, the cyclic viscous force applied to the fabric is increased, the relative sliding speed with the fabric is reduced, and the circulation speed of the fabric is increased. There are two phenomena in the high temperature dyeing machine. One is that the power of the fan rises and the power consumption is increased. The second is that the fabric circulation speed is increased, which increases the fabric tension between the cloth roll and the air flow nozzle.


If constant power control is applied to the fan motor of the high temperature dyeing machine, this can keep the fan motor working within the set working range and keep the set power constant. In this way, the influence on the running state of the fabric can be reduced, the quality of the fabric can be prevented from being excessively generated, and the power consumption can be saved.

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