The importance of the operation of ht dyeing machine and the dyeing time
Aug 30, 2018

The key to the high-temperature dyeing machine in the process of use is the temperature, and the equipment should be properly elevated in temperature, which will effectively improve the dyeing rate of the entire dispersed dye, but if the dyeing machine is high temperature When the temperature exceeds 130 ° C, it will cause more disperse dyes to change very significantly in the dye uptake rate, so the temperature during the dyeing process is not suitable for too high. 


The high-temperature dyeing machine dyes at an appropriate temperature, so that the equipment will not only have a higher color yield, but also a very good leveling effect. In order to ensure that the fuel can be uniformly adsorbed by the polyester, we should The key point is to control the rate of temperature rise and strictly control it. When the temperature reaches the specified range, it is good to dye the insulation.


Make sure that the entire fuel can be fully diffused or infiltrated. The dyeing time of normal insulation should be guaranteed within 30-60 minutes. If you want the color to be lighter, then shorten the time slightly. When the dyeing is deeper, the time is adjusted accordingly. However, when the dyeing is finished, remember that you should not cool down too quickly.

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