Temperature controller and environmental protection requirements for jet dyeing machine
Feb 02, 2019

The temperature controller function of the jet dyeing machine:


1. Reduce power consumption: The main pump motor adopts soft start of inverter, short dyeing process, no need to stop, and preemptive emission technology;


2. Stable dyeing water ratio: The dyeing water ratio of each tube in the 70-100% load plan can be adhered to 1:5, and the work is smooth.


3. Planning: It can meet the dyeing needs of different weight and width fabrics, and end one cycle in 3 minutes without reducing the amount of dyeing.


4. More environmentally friendly: low water consumption, low energy consumption, low emissions, low power consumption.


The jet dyeing machine must be ensured that the stability of the power supply of the dyeing machine. Therefore, it is required to place the three-phase four-wire power supply line of the dyeing machine in a dedicated electric wire box, and select a stable and suitable power source. The dye needs to be reliably grounded to avoid the risk of electric shock during

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