Technical innovation features of high temperature and high pressure dyeing cloth dyeing machine
Feb 10, 2019

High-temperature and high-pressure dyeing cloth dyeing machine has high degree of automation. In practical applications, it can be edited from water inlet, start-up, heating, heat preservation, cooling, water washing, dosing, mixing, returning water, washing bucket, drainage, alarm, program completion, etc. The dyeing process is fully automatic. Moreover, the structural design is novel and reasonable. According to different cloth types, only the nozzles need to be replaced, and the dyeing process requirements can be met.


The high temperature and high pressure dyeing cloth dyeing machine has a wide application range and the dyeing effect is ideal. The machine is equipped with a cloth motor, which can realize variable frequency speed regulation and high cloth speed. The new structure design enables the cloth blank to run at high speed under low tension and is equipped with a cloth impact point, which not only ensures the orderly stacking of fabrics in the dyeing tank. It can avoid the generation of dyeing and improve the feel and bulkiness of the fabric.


Not only that, in the continuous dyeing process, the use of this high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machine can effectively avoid the problem of dyeing cloth spinning, making it more uniform in coloring; the nozzle used can be adjusted, and can be adjusted according to the actual production of the cloth. Semi-jet or full jet dyeing is achieved. The user can be equipped with a fully automatic analog feed, feed and temperature control system to reduce the dyeing cylinder difference.


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