Technical characteristics of high pressure and high temperature dyeing machine
Jul 27, 2018

1. Because of the motor equipped with the cloth, and the speed regulation of the frequency conversion, it can reach 600m/min at the cloth speed;

2. The structural design is adopted to ensure that the fabric can be operated at a high speed under a low tension state, and also equipped with the impact point of the cloth blank, which can effectively ensure that the fabric is in the entire dyeing tank. Pre-stacking can also avoid the phenomenon of dyeing and folding to the greatest extent, and improve the bulkiness and feel of the cloth blank.

3. The special anti-vibration baffle design ensures that the dyeing cloth will not rotate during the whole running process, ensuring the uniformity of the whole coloring;

4. The nozzle used can be adjusted on the gap, and the cloth can be adjusted randomly according to the actual production conditions, effectively achieving full-jet dyeing or semi-jet dyeing;

5. The dyeing cylinder has a special inner net design on the main body to ensure that it can maintain a smooth dyeing effect even when dyeing high-density fabrics;

6. It can be equipped with fully automatic simulated liquid inlet, as well as feeding and temperature control system, which reduces the problem of poor dyeing cylinder.

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