Technical characteristics and appearance processing of Jet Dyeing Machine
Nov 07, 2018

The Jet Dyeing Machine is characterized in that the nozzle pressure is large during the process of use, and the liquid jet sprayed in the nozzle generates sufficient thrust to push the fabric to run, and the guide roller only serves as the guide and speed of the fabric. Due to the fast cloth speed, the frequency of dyeing and fabric exchange is frequent in a unit time, thereby improving the leveling effect and avoiding permanent wrinkles.

The Jet Dyeing Machine can be used not only for the dyeing of fabrics, but also for the desizing of fabrics, pre-shrinking, and alkali reduction of polyester fabrics to improve the processing and appearance of fabrics.

Main technical features of Jet Dyeing Machine

1. Large capacity: The blended fabric of each tube can reach about 500kg, and the cotton cloth is about 450kg.

2. Bath ratio is small: when the output of each tube is 500kg, the bath ratio is 1:5.5.

3. Environmentally friendly: low water consumption, low energy consumption, low emissions, low power consumption.

4. Good effect: high-quality expansion device, the fabric is slack, no crease, and the dyeing effect of the finished product is good.

5. Wide adaptability: suitable for chemical fiber, pure cotton, microfiber, blended fabric of 50g/m~800g/m, and can achieve satisfactory dyeing effect on the raised fabric of about 800g/m.

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