System function and replacement process of high temperature dyeing machine
Sep 30, 2018

The control system of the high-temperature dyeing machine is a real-time control system, which can effectively realize rapid temperature rise and a variety of different temperature heating, constant temperature, cooling and other multi-level temperature control to a certain extent, and can automatically replace the process curve parameters according to the process flow, automatically Cut into the pressure control loop.


The system of high-temperature dyeing machine has functions of display, recording, alarm, etc. It can be connected by man-machine through the console and operation panel during operation. The host and peripheral equipment adopt domestically-made stereotyped products and modular structure. The successful development of this system has provided a new way for the transformation of dyeing equipment in the textile industry.


The high temperature dyeing machine improves the accuracy, anti-interference ability and reliability of the system after using software technology such as error automatic correction and digital filtering. The system input signal is taken from the temperature sensor and the pressure sensor. The temperature and pressure in the dyeing pot are changed. After zooming in.


Knitted fabrics or wool-like woven fabrics are mostly dyed by high-temperature dyeing. This dyeing process is mature, not only can obtain good hand feeling, but also suitable for multi-species small batch production, saving dyeing materials. However, high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing is intermittent small-volume production, and it is easy to produce chromatic aberration if it is not well mastered.

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