Structural features of energy-saving and environmentally friendly dyeing machine
Dec 14, 2018

When designing the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dyeing machine equipment, the heating and cooling devices are combined into one by the flange, which solves the problems of disordered equipment and large floor space in the past. And the computer and electric valve are used to control the temperature rise and fall, the temperature control is more precise, fast and uniform, which ensures the temperature stability of the dyeing liquid, thus ensuring the dyeing quality of the dyeing cloth.


It can be seen from the practical application that the color difference of the dyeing and dyeing machine is small, and the color of the dyed cloth is bright, which fully meets the requirements of the customer's production process, and the production speed of the dyed fabric finished product is greatly improved. Heating with heat-conducting oil is to heat the high-temperature heat-conducting oil to the dyeing tank, and then return the cold oil to the boiler for heating and recycling, and use the waste heat of the heat-conducting oil to heat the boiler to generate steam for reuse, through comprehensive recycling of heat energy. The energy saving cost of enterprises reaches 40-50%.


In general, after the transformation, on the one hand, the noise of the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dyeing machine can be reduced, and the production environment is greatly improved; on the other hand, the energy consumption is reduced, the energy cost is saved, and the product competitiveness is improved. It belongs to a kind of dyeing machine that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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