Structural composition of single tube J-type overflow dyeing machine fabric circulation system
Feb 13, 2019

Combined with the operation principle of the single-tube J-type overflow dyeing machine, it can be known that during the operation of the machine, the fabric is first driven by the rotating cloth, and the fabric enters from the fabric inlet of the nozzle by its own gravity, and is sprayed through the nozzle. The action of the liquid causes the fabric to enter the nozzle elbow. Under the action of the dyeing liquid, the fabric enters the yaw mechanism, and under the joint action with the yaw mechanism, the orderly accumulation of the fabric in the J-type storage trough is realized. Lift back to the nozzle to achieve a cycle of fabric dyeing.


In the process of dyeing the fabric using the overflow dyeing machine, the dyeing process cannot achieve the desired effect. The fabric needs to be circulated several times in the dyeing machine to ensure the dyeing quality. The dyed fabric is raised by the cloth, which is The complete process of fabric cycling.


That is to say, when operating the overflow dyeing machine equipment, it is necessary to configure the cloth guiding device-tibrolla, and then provide the nozzle for the exchange place of the fabric and the dyeing liquid, and then realize the orderly accumulation of the fabric by the swinging device, thereby preventing the fabric from being woven. Produces wrinkles. Finally, the dyed fabric is exported through another guide device disposed outside the vehicle body, so that the complete fabric cycle is formed by the Tibrola-nozzle-yaw mechanism-pitch mechanism-storage trough-bron.

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