Spray dyeing machine operating characteristics
Feb 01, 2019

The jet dyeing machine belongs to the category of intermittent dyeing equipment and has high working efficiency in practical applications. Moreover, the fabric is less stressed when dyed, and is suitable for dyeing synthetic fabrics of various varieties and small batches. The jet dyeing machine is mainly composed of a dyeing tank, an ejector, a guide tube, a heat exchanger, and a circulation pump.


With the good operation of the jet dyeing machine, the head and the tail of the fabric are joined together, the fabric is lifted from the dye bath by the guide roller, and the liquid flow ejected by the ejector is driven in the guide tube, and then It falls into the dyeing tank and is immersed in the dye bath in a loosely curved shape and moves forward slowly, and is again circulated by the guide roller. The dye liquor is driven by a high-power pump, passed through a heat exchanger, and then ejected through the ejector.


The bath ratio of jet dyeing equipment is typically 5:1 to 10:1. For the user, it has a small footprint and high output, which can save material, power and labor advantages. The jet dyeing machine not only has a high temperature and high pressure type, but also has a normal pressure type; it can be used not only for synthetic fibers but also for natural fibers.

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