Spray dyeing machine leveling process analysis
Dec 27, 2018

Level dyeing is the core of the dyeing and finishing project, which means that no matter what kind of dyeing equipment is used, it needs to be leveled. Next, we mainly introduce how to achieve the purpose of leveling dyeing with disperse dyed polyester and its blended interlaced fabrics when using jet dyeing machine.


With the development of printing and dyeing process, the auxiliary industry has also developed rapidly, and a leveling agent for high-temperature dyeing polyester with different brands has been introduced. Moreover, there are often color flowers in the printing and dyeing process. Strictly speaking, there are many factors that produce dyed flowers. In general, the user should choose the auxiliaries according to local conditions, as long as the problem is solved, do not go to compare varieties.


Moreover, in the process of operating the jet dyeing machine, it is also necessary to properly control the temperature. Whether it is heating, heat preservation or cooling, it is usually determined according to the dye quality used in dyeing and additives. From the speed of slow speed, generally can be adjusted in the range of 0.5 ° C, avoid large fluctuations, and the temperature and pressure on the overflow machine should also meet the physical

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