Special design and dyeing effect of jet dyeing machine
Nov 09, 2018

The jet dyeing machine mainly adopts a specially designed low-energy, high-performance counterbalanced mixed-flow pump, which has the characteristics of large flow and high efficiency. With the use of advanced spiral guide, the streamlined water flow is more directional and greatly improved. The penetrating power reduces the consumption and improves the efficiency, and the dyeing is absolutely uniform. There is no spot dyeing and the new type of turbulent jet pipe, the dyeing pipe and the tumbling shift pipe are integrated, and the dyed material is absolutely not entangled or knotted. phenomenon. It is easy to reverse the drum after dyeing, and the loss rate is low.


The jet dyeing machine mainly uses its special design water regulator to visualize the amount of yarn dyed and the number of yarns and types. The chapter adjusts the amount of water. The cylinder material of this machine is made of high-quality stainless steel with high corrosion resistance. Ensure the quality of dyeing and finishing. The machine is optimized in structure, with small bath ratio, saving raw materials and reducing costs.


The jet dyeing machine is mainly made of stainless steel when it is made. It is durable to a certain extent. The whole equipment adopts high-performance circulating pump, high flow rate, moderate lift, low power consumption, and high-speed multi-directional jet penetration of dye liquor. The dyeing effect is uniform.s

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