Solution to common abnormal problems in fabric dyeing machines
Feb 01, 2019

When the fabric dyeing machine performs the fabric dyeing process, poor dying occasionally will occur. For example, if there is staining, the countermeasures should be taken to speed up the circulation speed of the cloth, extend the heating time in the dyeing field, and extend the holding time according to the concentration. If wrinkles appear, you need to give the correct cloth capacity, extend the cooling time and reduce the cooling temperature.


If there is color difference between the left and right tubes of the fabric dyeing machine, it is necessary to put the cloth of the same capacity, and the gap and pressure of the nozzle should be consistent, and the cloth speed should be consistent. If the equipment fails during operation, the cloth tends to wrap around the rear of the tank. It may be due to excessive capacity of the cloth, insufficient spray pressure of the nozzle, or too little water. For this problem, the appropriate cloth capacity should be given. Increase nozzle clearance, increase nozzle pressure, and increase water volume.


There is also a case where the cloth is rolled up during the dyeing of the fabric dyeing machine, mainly due to too much liquid, or too much inflow, or too light. The countermeasures should be taken to reduce the amount of liquid, reduce the nozzle gap, open the flow regulating valve, and reduce the nozzle

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