Safety device and alarm reminder for Eco dyeing machine
Jan 27, 2019

In addition to the two obvious advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, the Eco dyeing machine is equipped with a complete safety device. A safety temperature setter is installed, and the cooling process of the program is completed, and when the temperature in the tank is above the safe temperature, the subsequent sequential actions are not performed. In order to prevent the pump from generating a vortex vacuum, the pressure in the tank is automatically pressurized when the pressure in the tank is not above the safe temperature.


During the actual application of the Eco dyeing machine, the heating and cooling do not operate at the same time, the steam and water do not flow into the heat exchanger at the same time. The temperature adjustment is linked to the main pump, so it is important to circulate the treatment liquid during temperature adjustment. The liquid discharge and the feed water do not act at the same time. In the liquid discharge, the water cannot be supplied, and the steam in the cooling water does not flow backward.


In the event of some unexpected situation, the indicator light of the Eco dyeing machine lights up, the warning light turns, and an alarm is issued. To stop the alarm, press the alarm stop button:

A. Ready to finish

B. Engineering completion (dyeing and cleaning engineering)

C. Overload (main pump motor)

D. Abnormal stop (when the cycle time exceeds 180 seconds)

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