Reproducibility of dyeing machine dyeing process and optimization of process
Feb 02, 2019

The reproducibility of the process is very important for the dyeing machine. The process reproducibility is mainly from the guarantee of the performance of the equipment, in addition to the process itself. Mechanical performance is supported by a powerful control system, and more importantly, the adaptability of equipment performance to the process and the reliability of process control functions. The time required to shorten the dye solution temperature and concentration balance depends mainly on the time required for the dye solution to be uniformly exchanged with the dyed fabric.


In addition, when the dyeing machine is running, it should also adopt the metering method according to the dyeing characteristics and dyeing conditions of different dyes to effectively ensure the dyeing uniformity of the dye on the fabric. The performance and functionality of these devices keeps the dyeing process under control, thus ensuring the reproducibility of the dyeing process.


At the same time, it is necessary to further optimize the whole process, which will enable the dyeing machine to have a better single-cycle levelness of the fabric, so that the general fabric can shorten the heat-fixing time and optimize the process.


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