Quality Analysis of Yarn Dyeing Machine
Jan 07, 2019

Yarn dyeing machine can be used for dyeing different yarn materials. The machine is specially equipped with special designed low-energy, high-flow special pump, which improves the anti-cavitation ability of the pump and solves the traditional type. The low water volume at high temperatures affects the quality of dyeing. At the same time, the dyed material is absolutely not entangled or knotted, and it is easy to reverse the dye after dyeing, and the loss rate is low.

After the structural optimization, the dyeing effect of the yarn dyeing machine is better and guaranteed, and the amount of raw materials can be saved, and the production cost can be saved. In the actual operation, the special design water quantity adjuster can adjust the amount of water according to the amount of yarn dyed, the number of yarn counts and the number of types.

In comparison, the yarn dyeing product obtained by the yarn dyeing machine has a more fluffy feeling and a full hand feeling, which may be due to the fact that when the skein is suspended on the rod of the dyeing machine, it can be freely relaxed without being freely Any restriction not only allows the yarn to be completely bulked, but also allows the yarn to freely retract to achieve a balance of twist, thereby eliminating the tension during spinning.

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