Proportional control of fabric dyeing machine temperature
Dec 20, 2018

As the equipment commonly used in printing and dyeing factories, the reproducibility and dyeing quality of the dyeing process of fabric dyeing machines is not only related to whether the dyeing process is reasonable or not, but also depends on the quality of the actual operation. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the human influence factors as much as possible, improve the equipment control function, and more precisely control each parameter that has an influence on the dyeing quality.


Moreover, for the whole process of dyeing the fabric dyeing machine, the whole process can be controlled by a certain program, and the controlled dyeing can be realized on the function of the device. In general, as the dyeing temperature increases, the degree of dispersion of the dye and the kinetic energy of diffusion into the interior of the fabric fiber also increase. At the same time, due to the expansion of the fabric fiber, the internal pores are increased, the adsorption and diffusion ability of the dye is improved, and the dyeing speed of the fabric is accelerated.


However, as the temperature increases, it may also cause some of the dye that has been dyed on the fiber to re-integrate into the dye solution. Therefore, the heating process and the heating rate of the fabric dyeing machine have a great influence on the dyeing or adsorption rate of the fabric. Different fabrics and dyes should adopt different heating curves. Even for the same fabric, the dyeing rate is different in different temperature ranges. The temperature of the dyeing process must be proportionally controlled to precisely control the time in the temperature zone where the dye uptake is high. This type of control mainly uses a proportional control valve to control the entire process according to the set temperature control curve and PLC and

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