Proportional control and functional requirements of Overflow Dyeing Machine temperature
Oct 31, 2018

The specific determination of the pressure and flow of the Overflow Dyeing Machine can set the flow rate or pressure detection to a certain extent, and can be automatically controlled by PLC processing during use. Prior to this, the manufacturer is required to make a test for the dyeing process of the applicable fabric, and the successful and feasible detection value is set in the PLC, and the user only needs to select the corresponding parameter menu according to the fabric dyed by himself.

Proportional control of Overflow Dyeing Machine temperature

In the process of Overflow Dyeing Machine, as the dyeing temperature increases, the dispersion of dye and the kinetic energy of diffusion into the fiber of the fabric also increase, and the internal pores increase due to the expansion of the fabric fiber, which improves the dye. The adsorption and diffusion capacity accelerates the dyeing speed of the fabric. However, when the temperature is too high, the kinetic energy of the dye particles is too large due to the excessive pores of the fibers, and the dye dyed on the fibers is partially re-dissolved into the dye solution.

Overflow Dyeing Machine function

The temperature rising procedure and heating rate of the Overflow Dyeing Machine have a great influence on the dyeing (or adsorption) rate of the fabric. Different fabrics and dyes should adopt different heating curves, even in the same fabric, in different temperature zones. The dyeing rate is also different. For example, a high-strand fabric having a larger surface area has a high dye uptake rate at a low temperature, and if the temperature rise rate and temperature difference are not well controlled, it is easy to dye. Therefore, the temperature of the dyeing process must be proportionally controlled to precisely control the time in the temperature region where the dye uptake is high. This type of control mainly uses a proportional control valve to control the entire process according to the set temperature control curve and PLC and computer.

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