Process characteristics of gas-liquid dyeing machine for energy-saving and environmental protection dyeing machine
Jan 31, 2019

The application of gas-liquid dyeing machine for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dyeing machine can not only give full play to its excellent characteristics of energy saving and consumption reduction, but also provide theoretical basis and ideas for the development of new dyeing process. The development and application of gas-liquid dyeing machine not only solves some problems existing in the current low bath ratio dyeing, but also simplifies the low bath ratio dyeing process, providing a new dyeing method for energy saving and emission reduction.


In practical applications, during the operation of the gas-liquid dyeing machine of the energy-saving and environmental protection dyeing machine, the airflow does not need to carry the atomized dyeing liquid, so no energy consumption is generated, and the power of the fan is greatly reduced. The airflow also produces osmotic pressure and latitudinal expansion of the fabric to which the dye has been adsorbed while the fabric is being circulated. Improves the levelness of the fabric in a single cycle and avoids the creation of creases.


In addition, in the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dyeing machine, the gas-liquid dyeing machine is specially equipped with a front-mounted dyeing nozzle, which can provide different forms of exchange for the fabric, and improve the leveling of the dyeing and dyeing fabrics in a single cycle. Degree, shortening the dyeing time. When washing, the dyeing nozzle forms a countercurrent exchange with the fabric, which not only improves the cleaning effect, but also has high efficiency and saves water.


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