Prevention methods of uneven dyeing and tangling problem for the high temperature dyeing machine
Jan 17, 2019

If the high temperature dyeing machine is unevenly dyed, then specific measures should be taken for specific reasons. For example, if the temperature rises too fast, it is necessary to determine the heating time reasonably; if the holding time is too short, the holding time should be reasonably determined; if the circulation speed of the cloth is too slow, the nozzle pressure should be re-adjusted, and the nozzle slit and the conical tube should be re-selected to increase the cloth speed.


If it is caused by uneven adsorption of the dye, the suitable dyeing material should be re-selected. If the disperse dye with a large difference in dyeing speed is used for color matching, the amount of dispersant or dye should be increased appropriately; if it is due to the cloth capacity of the high temperature dyeing machine exceeds the standard capacity, it is necessary to adjust it in time.


 Tangling is another problem for high temperature dyeing machines,and it can easily cause the machine downtime. Therefore, when using a high temperature dyeing machine, the operator should control the proper stacking of the fabric. However, in order to reduce the problem of tangling, it is very important to rely on the experience and responsibility of the

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