Pay attention to the following matters when dyeing the fabric dyeing machine
Sep 29, 2018

1. Dye selection When dyeing, try to use a variety of diffuse and leveling dyes. When color matching, dyes with similar dyeing properties should be used.

2. Restore cleaning Restore cleaning is an important part of removing floating color. After the reduction and cleaning, the color is slightly lighter. At the same time, the rubbing fastness and the light fastness are improved.

3. Prevention of tar spots, the so-called tar spots are viscous substances formed in the dyeing liquid, and the main components are dye dispersants and polyester oligomers. Polyester oligomer is a polycondensation of polyester. It will ooze from the fiber into the dye solution and adhere to the surface of the fiber during the long-term dyeing process at high temperature.

Measures to prevent tar spots are:

1. Strengthen the fabric pretreatment.

2. Increase the dye bath ratio.

3. Apply high temperature and high pressure dispersant.

4. Use high temperature drainage to prevent crystals from crystallizing after cooling.

5. Shorten the equipment cleaning cycle.

When preparing the dyeing solution, the dye should be slurried with a small amount of cold water, then diluted with room temperature water. Note that the water temperature should not be too high, above 60 degrees, the dispersed dyed quilt is destroyed, and the condensation In addition to the modulation, the dye can also be prepared by the dusting method, that is, the dye is slowly sprinkled into the cold water under high-speed stirring, and the dyeing bath is not suitable for a long time after preparation. Stirring with a stirrer is required to prevent precipitation.

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