Overflow dyeing machine works
Jul 27, 2018

The overflow dyeing machine is a dyeing cylinder with a length of about ten meters. It has a rotating wheel to drive the cloth to rotate. In the lower part of the dyeing machine is a thick and long dyeing tank. The dyeing liquid is present in the dyeing tank, and the dyeing of the cloth The process mainly consists of dyeing in the lower dyeing tank, controlling the infiltration time of the cloth in the dyeing tank by controlling the running speed of the cloth, and controlling the dyeing effect. The dyeing machine is a group of four, each group The dyeing tank is figured out, and it is the principle of the connected machine, and the batching bar is located on one side, which leads to the drawback of the dyeing of the overflow dyeing machine. The result of the dyeing may be that the dyeing effect of the cloth produced by each bar is different. The distance from the ingredient feeding tank and the four cylinders have a light to dark effect. For the pre-matched darker fabrics, the effect is not too large, and it is not suitable for the pre-matched color. The dyeing of the cloth is prone to the influence of different degrees of dyeing.

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