Overflow dyeing machine temperature rise step
Dec 31, 2018

Firstly, the overflow dyeing machine should not be heated by steam before starting the machine. During the operation of the equipment, the dyeing liquid should exceed the lowest point inside the storage box, and the cooling water must be drained first. The next step is to carefully check the product materials, additives and dyes according to the production process according to the production process sheet, select the correct process program, and check the correctness of each step.


During the operation of the overflow dyeing machine, the staff must pay close attention to the operating state of the equipment, do not leave at will, and check the pressure in the cylinder and the pressure of the exchanger at any time. If the safety valve is steamed, the steam valve should be closed or closed immediately. If the overpressure is found and the safety valve is still not steaming, the pressure reducing valve must be opened to return the pressure to the rated working pressure range. If the safety valve fails, it must be replaced immediately after the cylinder is completed.


In the process of operating the overflow dyeing machine, if abnormal problems are found, they should be dealt with in time. For example, when the cloth is suspended, it is necessary to take measures in time, but the cylinder head cannot be opened. If the impact is still suspended, the cylinder head must be lowered before the temperature can be

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