Overflow Dyeing Machine running speed and dyeing process
Nov 17, 2018

The Overflow Dyeing Machine has the largest nominal capacity, and this capacity is not suitable for any fabric. Therefore, the actual capacity needs to be determined according to the thickness, width and narrowness of the fabric. The fabric mainly pulls the cloth into the nozzle by the winch. The dyeing liquid is sprayed out from the gap of the nozzle by the pressure of the nozzle, and the dyeing liquid is sprayed on the fabric to improve the running speed of the fabric, which can facilitate the leveling and increase the liquid dyeing. The flow rate is to increase the nozzle pressure, increase the number of cycles of the dye liquor, and shorten the dyeing machine time. At the same time, we must pay attention to the mutual cooperation between the two.


The different processes of the Overflow Dyeing Machine will affect the dyeing quality, such as the temperature of dyeing, the proportion of dye, the way of adding and the dyeing time, etc., so choose the dyeing process suitable for the fabric. The fabric in the dyeing chamber is pulled by a winch and then enters the nozzle. The high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine nozzle is an annular outlet, and the dyeing liquid is ejected from the gap of the nozzle. By the pressure of the nozzle, the dyeing liquid is sprayed to increase the number of cycles of the fabric, that is, the number of times is increased, and the temperature and dye distribution in the dyeing machine are improved. The degree of uniformity increases the number of times the dye is in contact with the fabric, which shortens the dyeing time.


The Overflow Dyeing Machine can increase the speed of the fabric and increase the number of dyeing cycles to a certain extent, and should pay attention to the interaction between the winch speed and the nozzle pressure.

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