Overflow Dyeing Machine process and flow requirements
Feb 16, 2019

The pressure and flow of the Overflow Dyeing Machine during the operation are two very important technical parameters of the equipment, which are mainly determined by the main circulation pump during use. The flow rate is necessary to ensure that the dye is dyed and exchanged with the fabric, and must be large enough that the change should be as small as possible during a particular dyeing process. It is completely controlled by the main pump. Pressure for the overflow jet dyeing machine refers to the pressure generated by the nozzle; for the cheese dyeing machine, it refers to the internal and external pressure difference of the cheese, but the total pressure is still provided by the main pump head.

Overflow Dyeing Machine plays a very important role in the dyeing process. The flow and pressure of the Overflow Dyeing Machine play a very important role. To a certain extent, different fabrics and processes have the flow rate and pressure (ejection force or differential pressure) of the dye liquor. Different.

The Overflow Dyeing Machine requires a large flow rate. For light fabrics and delicate fabrics, the spray force is required to be small, while for heavy fabrics, it is required to have sufficient flow rate and strong spray force. . Therefore, flow and pressure should vary depending on the fabric and

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