Overflow dyeing machine flow and pressure control
Dec 19, 2018

The flow and pressure processes play a very important role in the dyeing process of the overflow dyeing machine. These two process parameters are mainly determined by the main circulation pump. The flow rate is necessary to ensure that the dye and fabric are dyed and exchanged, and must be large enough. The change should be as small as possible during a specific dyeing process. It is completely controlled by the main pump.


For the dyeing treatment of different fabrics, the selected flow rate and pressure are different. Compared with the high-strand fabric and the fast dyeing process, the flow rate is required to be large; for the light-weight fabric and the delicate fabric, the spray force is required to be small; and for the fabric with a larger weight, it is required to have sufficient flow. Also have a strong jet force. Therefore, flow and pressure should vary depending on the fabric and process.


For the overflow dyeing machine, the specific determination of its flow rate and pressure can be achieved by setting the flow rate or pressure detection and implementing automatic control by means of PLC processing. Prior to this, the manufacturer is required to make a test for the dyeing process of the applicable fabric, and the successful and feasible detection value is set in the PLC, and the user only needs to select the corresponding parameter menu according to the fabric dyed by

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