New trends in the development of jet dyeing machines
Jan 05, 2019

Jet dyeing machines are very popular among users in the market. Usually, the bathing ratio of the series of dyeing equipment is 1:5-1:10. From the current development trend, the use of low bath ratio and air injection system is one of the future development directions of jet dyeing machine. The bath ratio of the dyeing machine with pneumatic injection system can reach 1:3, the airflow is dyeing. The role of the machine is to blow the dye liquor into the nozzle in the form of a vapor stream.

Therefore, the dyeing effect of the jet dyeing machine can be greatly improved. Secondly, improving the operating speed of the equipment is also one of the future development trends to further improve the dyeing efficiency. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the automation level of the equipment. This automatic control includes the control of dyeing parameters (temperature, heating rate, etc.), automatic batching, control of special cleaning processes, etc. The purpose of adding automatic control is to make the processed fabric Get the best results.

Not only that, but the adjustment of fabric flow speed, shaft speed and dye flow rate is also more favorable, and helps to reduce the number of water cleaning. In summary, the entire dyeing process of the jet dyeing machine can be carried out automatically by the operation of the program. Of course, the choice of the procedure will depend on the quality of the dyed fabric, the depth of dyeing and the characteristics of the dye.

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