Mechanical construction and operation inspection of high pressure overflow dyeing machine
Jan 26, 2019

The high pressure overflow dyeing machine has a wide range of dyeing. In actual operation, the cloth speed range can be adjusted within a wide range. The user can select the cloth head detection device to facilitate sampling and cloth speed adjustment. The mechanical structure of the machine mainly includes: dyeing tank, guide wheel, nozzle, heat exchanger, main pump and piping, dosing barrel, cloth feeding/distributing device.


When using a high pressure overflow dyeing machine, special attention should be paid to the inspection of the filter, that is, to check the filter on the inlet side of the heat exchanger. When the outline is blocked, it cannot operate normally. Please check the filter program regularly. As for the setting of the nozzle gap, it is required to remove the cloth placing disc and turn the nozzle handle to set the left and right nozzle gaps to be equal. When the gap between the left and right nozzles is not equal, even if the nozzle pressure is the same, the cloth speed and the cloth dyeing amount will be different.


During the operation, it is necessary to adjust the program setting device of the high pressure overflow dyeing machine reasonably, and perform fully automatic operation according to a certain procedure. The program chart includes a temperature profile setting unit and a time signal unit. Edit and select the program according to various processing requirements, please refer to the computer manual for

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