Main factors affecting the dyeing effect of high temperature dyeing machine
Jan 02, 2019

During the use of high temperature dyeing machines, special attention should be paid to the effects of the three operating parameters. The first is temperature, temperature is critical for high-temperature dyeing machines, and the temperature can be increased to effectively increase the dyeing rate of the entire disperse dye. However, when the temperature is too high, there will also be some undesirable phenomena. It is therefore generally desirable to maintain control between 125 and 130.


Dyeing in this temperature range results in a uniform dyeing effect, and of course the rate of temperature rise also requires strict control. Secondly, the selection of high-temperature dyeing machine auxiliaries, at the same time in the high-pressure and high-temperature dyeing, in order to ensure that the dye can be stably dispersed in the dyebath, and want to obtain a better leveling effect, we can in the dye bath A suitable leveling agent or an auxiliary agent such as a dispersing agent is added as appropriate.


Finally, the pH should be adjusted. This is because some dyes do not undergo any hydrolysis under high temperature and alkaline conditions. Therefore, in the dye bath control of high pressure and high temperature, it should be ensured under acidic conditions. Further improve the effect of the high temperature dyeing

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