Main contents of electromechanical control of overflow dyeing machine
Jan 08, 2019

The overflow dyeing machine uses the overflow principle to make the fabric enter the storage tank along the overflow pipe under the action of the dye liquor flowing through the overflow device and the impulse of the dye liquor sprayed from the nozzle. The fabric immersed in the storage tank moves from the bottom to the top under the action of the cloth roll to the overflow nozzle with the rotation of the cloth roll, and thus runs in circulation to achieve the purpose of dyeing.

That is to say, with the operation of the overflow dyeing machine, when the main pump motor drives the circulating pump to operate, the dyeing liquid at the bottom of the sump is driven to pass through the heat exchanger, and then sprayed into the dyeing tank through the nozzle. In the overflow device, then flow into the sump from top to bottom along the overflow pipe.

When dyeing, the electromechanical control of the overflow dyeing machine mainly refers to the dyeing machine control system of PLC based on the requirements of industrial control. The control system mainly realizes multiple control of temperature control, water inlet control, drainage control, overflow control, dyeing circulation control, main pump motor control, cloth motor control, nozzle control, etc. of the dyeing process of the dyeing machine through PLC. The dyeing process is required to change the temperature of the dyeing liquid according to the temperature curve of the dyeing process, thereby ensuring the efficiency and quality of dyeing.

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