Key points of color comparing operation for the Eco dyeing machine
Jan 18, 2019

After the dyeing operation of the Eco dyeing machine is finished, it is necessary to first cool down the machine to 85 degrees and then exhaust . When the temperature reaches 70 to 80 degrees, turn off the lift motor, touch the cloth head with a hook, and cut the sample within 10 cm of the seam. Typically, the size of the cut is about 6 cm long and about 4 cm wide.


After the sampling is completed, the sample cloth is scalded on a steam pipe and steamed to make it resurgence. Under the color light box, color the color according to the customer's specified light source. If the color is wrong, immediately add dye to the Eco dyeing machine and heat up and dye. If the color and light can match, continue to cool down.


If the color is light after dyeing, just wash it with hot water.If it is a medium dark color, especially a darker color, it is necessary to reduce the cleaning treatment to improve the dyeing vividness and fastness of the fabric. The reducing cleaning agent used should be added through the feeding tank. Do not directly add it through the operation window of the Eco dyeing

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