Jet dyeing machine with high productivity and low floor space and tension design
Feb 15, 2019

When the jet dyeing machine is used, its single-head double-staining tank synchronous dyeing system can greatly reduce the occurrence of poor dyeing (the color difference of different dyeing tanks), and can shorten the cycle time of the cloth in the dyeing tank and improve the dyeing and dyeing effect. When dyeing light and thin cloths in traditional dyeing tanks, the problem of insufficient dyeing and excessive bathing ratio can be greatly improved.


Jet dyeing machine with high productivity and low floor space

The special single head, the inner septum is designed with double dyeing cloth, and the floor space is greatly reduced compared with the traditional two-tube dyeing machine. When using the double-head four-slot model, the output can be greatly improved.


Ultra-low tension design of jet dyeing machine

The first stage: when the cloth runs to the special internal water separation device in the front, the minimum water content is present, and the cloth weight is greatly reduced.

The second stage: the cloth wheel lifts the cloth from the dyeing tank at the lowest distance and then runs through the nozzle system. This principle enables the cloth to run smoothly at the highest speed under the minimum tension

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