Jet Dyeing Machine nozzle pressure and guide wheel
Jan 13, 2019

During the dyeing process of the fabric into the jet dyeing machine, the staff needs to adjust the nozzle pressure and the speed of the guide wheel to ensure normal feeding. Wait until the fabric runs smoothly and then heat up the dye. If it is not handled properly, it is likely that a jam will occur.


First, if the nozzle pressure for it is set too high during the operation of the jet dyeing machine, then the feed speed will be faster. If the fabric is thin, then the fabric may be unevenly stacked in the machine, and the back cloth will press the cloth in front, which may cause the cloth to knot. Under normal circumstances, the cloth should be pushed forward in a wave-like layer.


On the other hand, if the nozzle pressure of the jet dyeing machine is set too small and the guide cloth speed is fast, then the nozzle suction speed is lower than the guide cloth wheel reaches the feed speed. As a result, the probability of a large amount of fabric accumulating in the nozzle opening is greatly increased, causing the cloth guide wheel to be

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