Influence of frequency converter on the performance of fabric dyeing machine
Dec 12, 2018

Nowadays, the application of high-temperature dyeing machines is quite common. In actual production, due to the different requirements of printing and dyeing fabrics, more problems may occur. After using the frequency converter, when dyeing different thickness fabrics and different processes, the pressure or flow rate of the water can be adjusted by changing the frequency value of the frequency converter, thus ensuring the quality of the dyed cloth, uniform dyeing, and improved. The product qualification rate can save energy consumption.


The specific advantages are as follows: 1. The high-temperature dyeing machine realizes the soft start function, avoids the water hammerphenomenon; 2. The inrush current without starting; 3. The cloth that can dye different raw materials; 4. The cloth that can dye different thicknesses 5, dyeing and finishing efficiency is improved, productivity is improved; 6, the average power saving rate can reach more than 30%.


Combined with the actual application, it can be seen that it is feasible to use the frequency converter for technical transformation of the high-temperature dyeing machine water pump, not only has obvious power saving effect (about 40%), but also can stabilize the water pressure, improve the dyeing quality and realize soft start. , soft brake, reduce the impact on the pump, and eliminate the "water hammer" effect, which is beneficial to extend the service life of the pump, reduce maintenance work, etc., bringing greater social and economic

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