Ht dyeing machine safe operation process analysis
Dec 13, 2018

Before turning on the Ht dyeing machine, the staff needs to check and clean the screen, and also confirm that the instruments are normal and the motor, circuit and lighting system are intact. Check that the various valves (steam valves, safety valves, recoil valves, traps, and individual water valves) and steam lines are intact. In particular, the safety valve must work properly.


The second is to select the appropriate nozzle according to the characteristics of the treated fabric. Then look at the cylinder head screws of the high pressure overflow dyeing machine. If they are not complete, they will be filled immediately. Note that it should be checked whether the cylinder mouth will cause a hook before entering the cloth. Pay attention to the appropriate impulse. Dissolve and add dyes and additives, care should be taken to avoid splashing and splashing people (especially caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide).


In the temperature rising and boosting stage of the high pressure overflow dyeing machine, the product materials, additives and dyes should be carefully checked according to the production process sheet, and the correct process procedure should be selected according to the requirements of the process sheet. Check the correctness of each step. During the operation of the equipment, the staff must not leave the post. The pressure in the cylinder and the pressure of the exchanger should be checked at any time. If the safety valve is steamed, the steam valve should be closed or closed immediately. If the overpressure is found and the safety valve is still not steamed, it must be opened and reduced. The pressure valve returns the pressure to the rated working pressure range.

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