Ht dyeing machine insulation method and operation steps
Nov 19, 2018

Ht dyeing machine can achieve heat preservation. We can adopt different methods according to different requirements. There are three main types. Let's take a look at it briefly.

1. Using high-pressure airless spraying machine to spray thermal insulation coating on the surface of high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine, he will make the surface of high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine form dense thermal insulation coating with thickness of 1.5~5mm.

2. According to the first insulation method, we have the following specific steps:

(1) Remove various oil stains and protective compounds from the surface of the high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine.

(2) Turn on the stirring device at a temperature not lower than 21 °C, and stir the heat-insulating paint in the paint bucket to the consistency of the milk.

(3) The previously stirred thermal insulation coating is sprayed in layers using a high pressure airless sprayer. To ensure that the thickness of each coating meets the requirements, wait until the previous coating is completely dry, and then spray the next coating.

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