How to solve the problem of foam and wrinkles in the fabric dyeing machine
Jan 19, 2019

Foam is a common problem during dyeing of the fabric dyeing machine. The reason for foaming is mainly due to high energy turbulence caused by high speed operation of the fabric and liquid circulation. The main factors affecting the formation of foam are the properties and quantity of dyes and auxiliaries. Pre-refining with a low foaming aid or solvent method can eliminate the foam caused by possible staining on the fiber; the foaming property should be considered when selecting the dye, and the low foaming dye should be selected as much as possible. It is best to avoid using defoamers as they may stain onto the fabric.


However, if the fabric is dyed in the fabric dyeing machine, there is a significant wrinkle, mainly due to the fact that the fabric is folded and stacked in the stacking area for a long time. If the fabric is folded, and the cooling of such fibers passes through the glass transition temperature, permanent wrinkles are most likely to occur.


Precautionary measures:

1.Do not overload the fabric dyeing machine.

2.Do not cause entanglement problems.

3.The entire stacking area should be fully utilized.

4.The fabric turning speed and moving speed should be quite high in the stacking area. (the most acceptable maximum turning time is 2 to 3 minutes)

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