How to clean high pressure overflow dyeing machine
Jan 30, 2019

Due to long-term use, there will be dirt accumulation on the inner wall of the cylinder of the high-pressure overflow dyeing machine. In addition, some printing and dyeing factories will deposit a large amount of dyes, oligomers, greases, lint and other materials on the bottom of the tank in order to save water. . This will not only affect the quality of the dyeing, but even affect the normal operation of the equipment.


The use of high-pressure overflow dyeing machines is different, so the main components contained in the internal sediments will be different, mainly dust, grease, coagulated dyes, dispersants, oligomers, calcium salts, etc., according to different ingredients. Wash in different ways. For the removal of oligomers, NaOH or acidic sulfite detergent can be used to wash the tank. It can also be added to the carrier to help dissolve the oligomer. Adding a high temperature resistant dispersant can inhibit the precipitation of the oligomer. Cooling and high temperature drainage prevent the deposition and agglomeration of oligomers.


For deposits such as alkali scale, calcium salt, and lint, it is generally washed with hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. In addition, when cleaning the dyeing tank of the high-pressure overflow dyeing machine, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of waste cloth in the cylinder. The high-pressure overflow dyeing machine ensures that the high-speed water sprayed from the nozzle is flushed through the waste cloth to a "dead angle" that is difficult to reach in the usual cycle.


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