High temperature zipper dyeing machine technology
Jul 27, 2018

The high temperature zipper sample dyeing machine (maximum working temperature 140 °C) is suitable for high temperature (or normal temperature) dyeing sample color test and water washing, dry cleaning fastness test, etc. It can accurately simulate the actual production conditions and achieve the required process effect.


The technical performance and standard configuration of the high temperature zipper sample dyeing machine are as follows:

1. The machine is made of high quality mirror stainless steel and has a comprehensive energy-saving design.

2. The glycerin is thermally conductive, and the test cup is vertically inverted, and the dyeing property and the re-dominance are excellent.

3. Vertical structure with flushing sink and ergonomic electrical console.

4. Environmentally-friendly stainless steel SUS316 electric heater, fully energy-saving and safe to use.

5. Unique insulation design saves energy, ensures process, reduces waiting time and improves work efficiency.

6. Equipped with programmable computer control system, with temperature rise (electric heating), cooling (water cooling) speed control performance.

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